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Taking climate positive action is bound to raise some questions. We're here to help! Check our out the most frequently asked questions about BE O.

  • How do I keep the bottle clean?

    You can EASILY clean the bottle in the dishwasher. Set the program on max. 65 °C / 149 °F. You may also clean the bottle with a dishwashing brush.

  • Can you store a filled BE O bottle in the freezer?

    We will try that as well! We will inform you soon about the results. If you would like to share your experiment with us, please contact us.

  • Is there a plastic taste to the bottle?

    The aftertaste and smell of bioplastic is generally experienced as very neutral. We do advise you to wash the bottle before using it for the first time. The bottle has been packed in cardboard for some time and it didn’t had space to breathe.

  • What kind of drinks can I put in the bottle?

    The sky is the limit! Water, fruit lemonade and alcoholic drinks below 13% are suitable. Beet juice is something we still have to try out, the juice extractor is ordered.

  • Is it possible to put hot water in the BE O bottle?

    Hmm. The bottle is not a thermo bottle. So just for the sake of your hands we would not advise to put hot water in the bottle.

  • What kind of materials is the bottle made of?

    The BE O bottle is made from a minimum of 94% bioplastic from Brazilian sugarcane. The producer of the material keeps a margin of 6%, this is because they produce also “oilplastic” in the same factory. You can compare it with food that writes on the package that there may be remnants of nuts or milk, because these products are also made in the same factory. Together with the producer of the material we are researching how we could guarantee 100% bioplastic in the future.

    List of all materials:

    Bottle and cap: BIO-HDPE (BIO-High Density Polyethene)
    Middle part ring: BIO-TPE (BIO-Thermoplastic Elastomer)
    Cap ring: BIO-TPE (BIO-Thermoplastic Elastomer)
    Natural pigments: residual sea shells (white bottle) and charcoal (black bottle)

  • Why is bioplastic better than regular plastic?

    Sugarcane, the raw material of the BE O bottle, is harvested every year and the plant can be harvested for about five years before a new plant has to be planted.
    Fossil oil needs millions of years to generate.

    Next to that, sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide from the air during growth. Fossil oil only emits carbon dioxide during its combustion. Sugarcane absorbs three times more carbon dioxide than it emits before being converted into bioplastic.

  • How do you make a bottle from sugarcane?

    Good question! There are different products made from the sugarcane liquid before we can make bioplastic from it. The sugarcane liquid, from which sugar is made, is produced from the first two pressings. For example, bio-ethanol can be made from the third and fourth pressing. And from that bio-ethanol you can make bioplastic.

  • Is the BE O bottle recyclable?

    Yes. The bottle is 100% recyclable, you can dispose the bottle with other old plastic. But to be honest, we hope you will enjoy your bottle for the rest of your life! well, maybe not that long but in any case for a while 🙂

  • Is the bottle free of BPA and other toxic substances?

    Absolutely. The BE O bottle is free of BPA and other toxic substances. Bisphenol A is a plasticizer that can dissolve and end up in the food chain, we definitely do not want that. Grose.

  • Is the sugarcane processed sustainably?

    Yes! The producer of the material has a code of conduct with his suppliers of the sugarcane and in this code of conduct there are requirements set up for these suppliers. For example, no sugarcane is ordered from suppliers who use child labor or where staff is underpaid. In addition, the environmental impact of the suppliers and whether they harvest the sugar cane in protected areas such as the Amazon are also examined.

  • Is it possible to print onto the BE O bottle?

    Sure. With printed water bottles made from bioplastic, your organization shows that it takes the transition to the new, good plastic seriously.
    We print the bottle from 50 pieces and more.
    Your logo/name/image is printed on the cap and be printed with up to 5 colors.

  • How can I order printed BE O bottles?

    There are two ways to order printed BE O bottles:
    Through one of our resellers. Click here for the list.
    Directly with us, if you prefer to talk to us first. Click here for the contact page or check out the footer.

  • How can I order non-printed BE O bottles?

    There are two options how to order non-printed BE O bottles:
    Through one of our resellers. Click here for the list.
    Directly with us if you prefer to talk to us first Click here for the contact page or check out the footer.

  • Can I become a distributor?

    Let’s discuss this! Click here for the contact page. We would love to hear from you.

  • Can I collaborate with you?

    Let’s discuss this in more detail 🙂 Click here for the contact page. We look forward hearing from you.

  • Where can I buy a BE O bottle?

    At this moment the BE O bottle is for sale in the following webstores and retail stores:

    &Klevering | Amsterdam, NL
    Coffee Culture | Bussum, NL
    MeZus & MeZo | Katwijk, NL
    Funkie House | Rotterdam, NL
    Keck & Lisa | Utrecht, NL
    WO! conceptstore | ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL
    ‘t Spui | Vlissingen, NL
    Fleux | Paris, FR

  • Can I become one of the sales outlets?

    Let’s have a chat! Click here for the contact page. We would love to hear from you.

  • There is something wrong with my bottle, what can I do?

    That is unfortunate to hear. We are happy to help you find a suitable solution. Please fill in the form on the contact page. Thank you.

  • I have a brilliant idea! How can I share it with you?

    We are very curious! We would like to hear about your idea through the form on the contact page. See ya!


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