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Climate Positive Bottle*

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*A Climate positive bottle is a plant based bottle!

This is the start of a new standard. BE O creates climate positive bio plastic products made from renewable materials such as sugarcane, cassave, algae and more. Our first product is the BE O bottle, a functional water bottle made from sugarcane!

We leave oil where it belongs; deep under the ground. The future is climate positive. Don’t be oil, be organic.
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It's a bottle!

Sugar on your lips. This sustainable water bottle is made from sugarcane instead of oil. Yes, our bottle is plant based and climate positive! The bottle is modular, this way it takes less space and it’s easy to clean. 100% recyclable. Dishwasher proof. Climate positive.

  • 500ml / 17oz
  • Modular. 40% space saving
  • Suitable for tap water and fruit juices
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Doesn’t smell and taste like oil plastic
  • 94% bioplastic from sugarcane
  • Designed & made in Holland
  • Free of BPA and chemical
  • Food contact approved
  • 100% recyclable (dispose with other plastics)
  • Bottle and cap: BIO-HDPE (BIO-High Density Polyetheen)
  • Middle part ring: BIO-TPE (BIO-Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Cap ring: BIO-TPE (BIO-Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Natural pigments: residual sea shells (white bottle) and charcoal (black bottle)



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Start making climate positive impact with your brand. Make the world sugar sweet and free of oil plastic. Your company can accelerate the transition to the new, good plastic with bespoke BE O bottles.

We print BE O bottles starting from 40 pieces. The logo of your company shines bright in full colour on the cap. The bottle is more than a statement: your company takes a solid step towards an oil free world with BE O.

Order from one of our resellers or contact us directly if you have any personal wishes.

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Did you know 99% of the plastic is made from crude oil? And we all know oil is dirty business: high risk for ecological disaster, high CO2-emissions and a non-renewable source.

BE O is here to change that! Our mission is to change the plastic industry into a plant based industry by creating plant based and climate positive products. One product at a time. Our first product is the BE O bottle: a climate positive bottle made from sugar cane. We believe in a climate positive future!

We also plant a tree for every product that with sell, together with our partner Trees for the future!


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