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Privacy Policy

Below you will find the privacy policy of the Be-O.B.V and its subsidiary BE-Bottle B.V. (hereafter Be-O together), where an update is carried out regularly, so you are always informed of any changes. Be-O respects the privacy of all its customers and of the users of this site. We ensure that personal information is treated confidentially and is not accessible for third parties not involved in the execution of your order.

When you order something, create an account or register for the newsletter, you may be asked for personal data, such as name, email address and home address. This personal data is kept, managed and processed by Be-O, according to the terms and conditions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The above also applies to personal data we receive with applications, contests, and campaigns. We will never sell this data to third parties and will only use them to carry out your order the right way.


Why is data collected on our websites?

By providing us with personal data you grant us permission to use this data to meet our obligations, to process your order correctly and to meet the level of service to be expected. The data may also be used to improve the performance, appearance, and design of our website. Your data is also used to inform you of any problems with your order concerning delivery or stock status.

Do you want more information on the data we collect or why we collect this data? Please contact us through

Do you not want to receive newsletters or other marketing-related correspondence from us any longer? You can unsubscribe through your account or the bottom of the newsletter.



The web shops of Be-O use cookies. These are small parts of information that are stored by your computer, tablet or smartphone. These cookies are used to recognize you at the next visit to one of our websites, among other things. The cookies also enable us to collect information on the use of our website. With this information, we can improve our services and adjust them to the wishes of our visitors. Cookies do not contain harmful software or sensitive information such as credit card details.


Session Cookies

To remember your preferences ‘Session Cookies’ are used. These are removed when you end your session. These so-called Session Cookies ensure, for instance, that the products in your shopping cart or on your wish list are remembered.


Persistence Cookies

‘Persistence Cookies’ are used to remember your preferences. With them, you help us to personalize your shopping experiences and to ensure that you receive the correct information during your visit to one of our websites. These cookies will expire automatically after a fixed period of time, but you can also remove them earlier yourself.


Tracking Cookies & Analytics Cookies

‘Tracking Cookies’ were made to remember your behavior. With these cookies, we can collect statistics from programmes such as Google Analytics. No personal data is collected or shown here, but they do contribute to the improvement of our websites, services, and products. The cookies themselves can be removed, or are removed automatically by your browser after a fixed term.


Social Cookies

‘Social Cookies’ are placed by social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. These cookies enable you to share our content through social media and enable us to show relevant content through these same networks. The cookies are not set specifically for one type of social media. For more information, you can always consult the privacy policy or the desired social media channel. Here you will not only find more information, but also the way to manage these cookies.


Removing and refusing cookies

The moment you use one of our websites, you grant permission to use cookies, as described earlier. If you do not wish to give permission, you can remove or deactivate the cookies. The moment you deactivate the cookies of our website, some parts of our website may no longer function properly. Instructions for deactivating and/or removing your cookies can always be found using the help function or your browser.

For additional information or if you have any questions you can, of course, contact our customer service through