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Doubling our impact by planting trees

Our goal is to change the plastic industry from an oil based to a plant based industry. By making well designed, reusable, recyclable and climate positive products made from plants. We’re serious about making a change and want to benefit the earth as much as possible with our products. That is why we are planting trees for every product that we sell! 

Planting trees with Trees for the Future

Our tree-planting-plan is quite simple: for every product we sell, we plant a tree. However, as a start-up we don’t have that much time to gather up our shovels and start planting trees ourselves. That is why we collaborate with Trees for the Future (TFTF). TFTF is a wonderful non-profit organisation that is actively working on making our planet greener and our people happy. 


Forest gardens 

The philosophy of TFTF is both simple and beautiful: to create a symbiotic relationship between people and planet. They achieve this by creating so-called ‘forest gardens’ in the dry sub-saharan areas of Africa. By planting trees TFTF creates profit for the planet and people. A forest garden is a multi-crop agriculture technique. It consists of a mixed yet specific selection of trees and smaller crops that help each other. For instance, a mango tree needs space and will eventually grow into a big tree, ultimately providing necessary shade for other crops to grow. 

Healthy farming

It’s a win-win-win(-win?) situation. On one hand the earth becomes richer because of the variety in vegetation. This attracts birds, small animals and insects who serve as tiny farmers; cleaning up the area, protecting the crops and fertilising the soil. This way farmers are able to minimise the use of chemical pesticides. Furthermore, the vegetation prevents erosion and desertification of the area. This technique has many benefits for the community as well. The selection of crops become a healthy food source and income for the local farmers. Because of the diversity in crops, income is spread throughout the year instead of a few harvest opportunities. On top of that the soil remains fertile and the people have access to a variety of nutritious food. A beautiful collaboration between nature and people!

The future is climate positive

BE O is a big believer in collaborations between nature and people. That is why we support a cause like Trees for the Future. They understand how we can create balance in this world. We believe in a climate positive approach, an approach where we collaborate with nature instead of destroying it for profit. Together we are able to make a difference. Together, we make climate positive impact! 

Take action today!

Join us in creating a climate positive future! Get your own BE O bottle and plant a tree today! Start making climate positive impact by choosing a reusable, recyclable and plant based bottle.