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Yay, it’s our birthday! The BE O bottle is 1 year old! 🥳

Hip, hip, hooray! Today BE O bottle is one year old 🥳and we are so happy to celebrate! We’ve accomplished so much in just one year. We are super proud and thankful for all the support!

1 year of climate positive BE O bottles

We make reusable, recyclable and climate positive products made from plants. Our first product is the BE O bottle: a functional, reusable bottle made from sugarcane. And the BE O bottle has proven to be a success! In only one year we’ve sold over 70.000 bottles. That’s huge!

Learn more about our climate positive bottle: Meet the BE O bottle

Some numbers

  • Over 70.000 bottles sold
  • More than 70.000 trees planted with Trees for the Future
  • Over 1 million kg of CO2 saved!
  • Our BE O team grew from 2 to 6 people 🙂

The BE O success formula

Our success formula is quite simple: plant based material + planting trees x bottles sold = climate positive impact! This way we can make the plastic industry way more sustainable and future proof! We believe in a climate positive future. By changing the plastic industry from an oil based one into a plant based one we are determined to create that future.

But, we need you! Taking climate positive action and making an impact is something we do together. BE O is just here to help and amplify that impact. Thanks to you this huge impact was possible.

Birthday discount!

Of course we wish to celebrate with you! That is why for the entire month of April you’ll get €2,50 discount on your order when you use code ‘BDAY’ at check-out in our shop. Start making climate positive impact today!

Get your own BE O bottle! Visit our shop and don’t forget to use your discount code at check-out!

The future is climate positive. Don’t be oil, be organic!